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The extreme professionalism and the genuine care and concern in providing our dental care have resulted in my family and I to be patients of Drs. Dennis and David Owocki for over forty years. The entire staff consistently displays a high degree of efficiency, accuracy, and a positive attitude. At each visit we always leave feeling/knowing we have had excellent treatment.

Martha W. Fenton, MI

I have been a patient of Drs. Dennis and David Owocki for over 12 years. Even though it takes me a little over an hour to drive to the dental office from my home here in Ovid, MI I keep going back because I appreciate and am satisfied with the work the doctors have done to help me have healthy teeth and a great smile.

At sixty-nine years of age my body is beginning to sag and fall apart, but I have a great looking smile and healthy teeth thanks to the doctors and staff at Gentle Dentistry. I will continue to use their services for as long as I am able to do so.

Fr. Raymond J. U. Ovid, MI

I am writing to attest to the fact that I have been a patient of Drs. Dennis and David Owocki, since I was Associate Pastor of St. Johns Parish in Fenton in the years 1986 to 1989. I began using Dr. Owocki as my dentist then, and have continued to use him to the present. I have always had great confidence in both father and son as dentists who were concerned about my dental care.

A couple of years ago I talked with Dr. David Owocki about a problem that I had with my front teeth. I wore braces at one time, hoping that would close the spaces in my front teeth, but that never happened. I was still very self-conscious about smiling, that people would see the spaces in my teeth and that affect me having my picture taken throughout my life, never wanting to give a complete or broad smile.

Dr. David said he could correct the problem, by placing jacket crowns on my front teeth. He sent me to an oral surgeon who did some work on my mouth, and then Dr. David put jacket crowns on my six front top teeth.

It was not painful, and the staff in his office were wonderful people who really showed care and concern for me as a patient.

The end result was astounding, I can now smile and be proud of my smile, my teeth are perfect and I can smile with confidence. This is important to make as a priest, for my professional life is personally involved with people daily.

I would highly recommend Dr. David Owocki and his staff and recommend this type of dental work for anyone who has problems such as mine, the end result made all the dental work worthwhile.

Fr. Jerry P. Clio, MI

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After years of tooth grinding my appearance began to change due to tooth fractures. Dr. David Owocki provided me with a solution to improve my dental health. I am so pleased with my results that it is hard to keep me from smiling.

Elaine D. Fenton, MI

Dental Restoration Dental Work Fenton MI


For over 30 years I neglected my teeth because fear of dentists. After enduring the pain of cavities, decay and 3 extractions the oral surgeon who performed them told his assistant "Dave needs a dentist". His office referred me to Dr. Dennis Owocki. Although the fear was still there I made an appointment and kept it and to this day am very happy that I did.

After my examination Dr. Owocki outlined his plan for treatment and although I knew it would take some time I agreed. I can't say enough about the care that was taken by Dr. Owocki and his Dental Assistant Patty to make sure that I was comfortable during the entire process of reconstructing my teeth.

I can now smile without keeping my mouth closed, laugh without covering my mouth, and eat what I like without worry about sweets or temperature causing pain. Dr. David Owocki and Donna have followed up on the work I've had done with subsequent exams and cleanings with equal care for my comfort during each visit. I would encourage anyone with dental concerns to visit these caring professional people.

Dave C . Grand Blanc, MI

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My family has been seeing Drs. Dennis and David Owocki for over 30 years. I remember my parents taking me to see Dr. Owocki as a young girl and I never developed the fear of dentists like my peers due to all members of the Dr. Owocki team working hard to provide me with a relaxing, friendly atmosphere, wonderful treatment, and preventative tips. I've recommended many happy friends to Dr. Owocki and after 30 years of going to Dr. Owocki, I am now starting my 3 year old son out right by taking him to Dr. Owocki in Fenton, MI.

Katie D. Fenton, MI